How we helped Paydiant (acquired by PayPal)
bring mobile wallet UX to the masses.


PayPal is the global leader of online payments with over 153 million accounts in 200 countries supporting over 27 currencies.


 Business Need

Mobile wallets were in their infancy. Paydiant struggled to change user behavior from credit cards to using phones for payments. Paydiant couldn’t find designers capable of meeting the challenge. Mobile wallet UX patterns didn’t exist and Agilitee had to imagine and invent these experiences from scratch.

Agilitee was a critical part of our team
and a contributing factor to why we
were acquired by PayPal.
— Chris Gardner VP of P2P Products


We started by creating Jobs-to-be-Done stories for the brand and confirming how the user and merchant would measure success. After conducting brand and landscape research, we created many different approaches to how users could accomplish the job and zeroed in on a couple of ideal approaches.

We then produced user flows and prototypes, which we tested with users. The results from user testing informed different UX evolutions we could test with each prototype. After further testing, the UX was finalized and we created the app UI layer code.


Over the course of six years Agilitee created designs, prototypes, and apps for over 100 brands with us



After working with Paydiant for six months, Agilitee gained PayPal’s implicit trust and we now partners with them to produce industry-leading mobile experiences.

Because Agilitee showed our expertise in helping Paydiant design their mobile wallet platform, we went on to lead the UX efforts for PayPal’s big client brands like Subway Restaurants as well as full stack development of mission critical systems.

Agilitee always comes to the table with superior
ideas. We knew if we introduced them as a
partner to a retailer, we’d probably walk out of
there with a new gig.