Subway Restaurants

Achieving a 5-star app store rating by focusing on the customer.


Subway Restaurants is a global quick service restaurant with over 44,000 locations in more than 100 countries.


 Business Need

Subway is a long-established provider of fresh and quick food, serving people since 1968. In 2014, Subway recognized that their customers were turning to digital to order and pay. Agilitee’s objective in 2014, and still today, is to support Subway in all things digital, including product strategy, user research, UX and UI design as well as full-stack development.





Subway engaged Agilitee to design their first mobile app. We started by understanding the jobs users are trying to get done at Subway and progressed through a lean, design thinking process. We ideated on UX solutions, prototyped, and tested with users until the optimal solution emerged.



Agilitee helped Subway successfully launch not only the first Subway mobile app, but the existing next generation mobile app that currently holds a 5-star rating in the App Store with over 100,000 ratings. Today Agilitee helps Subway as an extension of their Digital team across a suite of digital solutions as well as full-stack architecture and development on their mission critical systems.